Hydraulic Breaker Rental

Available for delivery from our Louisville, Lexington, Corbin, Elizabethtown, and Prestonsburg locations

ModelCarrier WeightImpact ClassImpact Rate
PB1102,867-6,615 lb200 lb560-1700 /min
PB1604,631-9,923 lb350 lb670-1450 /min
PB2106,395-13,230 lb550 lb520-1150 /min
PB3109,261-19,845 lb640 lb530-1150 /min
PB42011,466-26,460 lb795 lb530-1050 /min
PB53019,841-33,069 lb1,212 lb590-1100 /min
Carriers: Backhoes, Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, Compact Track Loaders

ModelCarrier WeightImpact ClassImpact Rate
MB 75022,000-37,400 lb2,000 lb370-840 /min
MB 100026,400-46,200 lb2,500 lb350-750 /min
MB 120033,000-57,200 lb3,000 lb340-680 /min
MB 150037,400-63,800 lb3,500 lb330-680 /min
MB 170041,800-70,400 lb4,000 lb320-640 /min
HB 200048,400-83,600 lb5,000 lb300-600 /min
HB 250059,400-101,200 lb6,500 lb280-550 /min
HB 310070,400-114,400 lb7,500 lb280-560 /min
HB 360077,000-138,600 lb8,500 lb280-560 /min
HB 410099,000-176,000 lb10,000 lb280-520 /min
Carriers: Excavators

Due to multiple configuration options for each machine, these specifications should be used for general reference purposes only. Please contact us for exact specification information. Makes and models are subject to change. All equipment is subject to availability.

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