Wheel Loader Rental

Available for delivery from our Louisville, Lexington, Corbin, Elizabethtown, and Prestonsburg locations

ModelWeightBucket Capacity
521E118 hp23,069 lb
65TMV-2 / 621E XT146 hp28,709 lb
21F58 hp10,913 lb
121F64 hp11,023 lb
221F74 hp12,547 lb
321F74 hp13,303 lb
521G131 hp24,290 lb
621G162 hp28,159 lb
721G179 hp32,492 lb
821G211 hp40,057 lb
921G242 hp45,070 lb
1021G296 hp56,365 lb
1121G320 hp61,650 lb

Due to multiple configuration options for each machine, these specifications should be used for general reference purposes only. Please contact us for exact specification information. Makes and models are subject to change. All equipment is subject to availability.

CASE wheel loader rental

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